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Houston Odum Creator

Scenic Design


Scenic Design for UNCSA

Assistant Set Designer: Johanna Fleischer

Lighting Designer: Amanda Fisk

For Heathers, I started to become inspired by this sacred place of a high school. A place where all types of people are forced to coexist and these three 'gods' reign above it all. In addition, I wanted this heightened world to live in the milieu of an MTV Music Video, where the characters have a dramatized sense of the world around them. All of these combined to give us a unique playground of a set. Throughout the rehearsal process, the direction team incorporated 30 changes of the main 3 set pieces, creating drastically different looks throughout the show.

I am Damaged.jpg
Love is God.jpg
Candy Store Lower quality.jpg
Beautiful 4.jpg
DGS 2.jpg


Theoretical Design for Scene Design IIB


This design is inspired by the storytelling nature of "Once on This Island". The stage resembles a public square, but also the shifting tides of the sea in which Ti Moune grows up. As she travels to the city throughout the show, we see elements of industrialization enter the space. It was always important though to create imagery that was beautiful and captivating, to invite the audience into the show rather than alienating them. 

Rendering 2.png
4. We Dance.png


Scenic Design for UNCSA School of Drama

Assistant Designer: Erin Morales


This new play follows a group of teens in something that almost seems like an apocalyptic Thebes, IL. In this town that exists at the center of the world, the gods rule. Cars have been driven into the river, the rail bridge is sacred, and mud is ruled as a sign of opposition to a prim and proper religion that was mysteriously formed. The show follows a progression of questioning ones upbringing, leading to a series of unreal and surreal events. I was inspired by surrealism as a way of showing the humanity in this sometimes dark show. The sky is an important symbol to show the deterioration of a once booming town, as well as to highlight the limited knowledge and the devout following of these kids.

World Of The Play Collage.jpg

"TARTUFFE" by Moliere

Theoretical Design for Scene Design IB


"For me, Tartuffe is a grand spectacle which takes place in a dysfunctional society. My main question throughout the design process was "What is the societal machine which allows for Tartuffe's Actions to take place?" I explored many different ideas related to this idea of a "machine" which is constantly moving, turning, and working in the favor of the main antagonist, Tartuffe. My design consist of a 20ft tall picture frame structure in which each piece moves, rotates, and shifts to create different environments. The picture frame was chosen because of the idea of image in society. How are we seen through social media? How are we framed? These are the questions I wanted to answer with the family in the play."

Tartuffe 4.jpg
Tartuffe 3.jpg
Tartuffe 2.jpg

"La BESTIA" by

The Nouveau Sud Circus Project

Scenic and Conceptual Design


"My process for La Bestia is centered around creating 'That which is Invisible". This is an original show which constantly shifts where we are. and what reality is for the characters present. This journey has so many themes, therefore I wanted to crate a space where images could be juxtaposed onto each other so we can authentically capture ideas of immigration and how they relate to us, the audience."

BESTIA _Train_ Rendering.jpg
5 - Bboy Balle.jpg
9 - Juggling.jpg
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