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Acrobatic Design Week 1: First Team Meeting!

Updated: May 18, 2020


It's May 9th and Bradlee, Pablo, Josh and I met today for the first time together to kickoff the project! We decided that we will spend the next week working in two groups on two different approaches to generate ideas. Bradlee and I will be exploring a plethora of ideas relating to the technical aspects of acrobatics. This includes structures, rigging, dynamic pieces of equipment, etc. Pablo and Josh will explore an artistic concept, motif, or general theme/aesthetic for which their initial ideas will be inspired by. When we reconvene, our goal is to put all of the seedlings of ideas on the table and look at how we may merge/fit ideas from different sides together.

We also are going to establish the following before our next meeting:

- What is the exact format of the end product. This includes duration, supporting elements/details, technical documents, etc.

- The type/genre of circus act we want to create as well as a special element we will be required to include in the end product. (Example: We will make an act with aerial & equilibristic elements and the final design must include a set piece.)

- The summer timeline, outlining when each checkpoint of the project should be completed.

- Establish each team member's desired learning outcome.

- A project name!!!

I will be posting weekly updates from now on. Next week, expect to see some sketches of what we've come up with!

Thanks for reading,


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