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Race to the Finish!!

Hi Everyone,

After a one-week hiatus from posting, I'm happy to announce that after 5 weeks of working, our team has developed a new acrobatic concept! This week, Bradlee, Pablo, Joshua and I had the opportunity to chat with Sonya St-Martin, Director and Acrobatic Designer for CDS, about three of our "Blue Sky" designs. When discussing our ideas on the table, we talked about flight time, angle of swing, rigging/stabilization, automation vs. human performance, safety, acrobatic images, and artistic concept. These topics lead us to pick a clear winner for the idea which we want to develop, model, render, and animate! We will spend one more week to put together a full presentation package for this idea which will include:

  • A design/draft/3D model

  • Calculations of swing angles, flight time, height, stabilization, & safety

  • A clear and concise acrobatic concept (main purpose of the piece)

  • Renderings of the apparatus with overlay of artistic concept/character concept

  • A pitch for the design

Following this week of development, we will move into the "production phase" which will include figuring out further the technical design and animated video presenting the act.

In order to keep the idea somewhat of a surprise, I've refrained from posting our initial sketches in this post, join us in our Zoom chat next Monday at 2pm to hear our presentation and give feedback!

Thanks for reading,


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